Wohlen's animals were active and stirring, anyhow, and that helped.

At last the depot showed up in the moonlight with the city some

distance behind it. There was a wire fence, and a sentry, immediately

in view behind him were square blocky buildings in a clearing. Beyond

that there was another fence, then some more jungle, and then the

city. Fifty yards from the fence, in the last screen of trees, we

stopped and waited.

The first group was off to the other side of the fence, and I couldn't

see or hear them. The wait seemed to go on for hours; perhaps a minute

and a half passed. Then the first heater went off.

The sentry whirled and fired without really thinking. There wasn't any

way for him to tell what he was shooting at. More heaters went off

from the jungle, and then they started to come in. There was a lot of


The boys were yelling, swarming over the wire fence and through it,

firing heaters wildly. There were lights in the buildings, now, and a

picked group of men came out of one of them, swinging in single file;

the heaters chopped them to pieces before they had much of a chance. A

tower light went on and then the really big guns got going.

The guerrillas started to get it, then. The big boys from the

armaments tower charred holes in their line, and the noise got worse;

men were screaming and cursing and dying and the heaters were still

going off. I tore my eyes away and looked at the leader of our group.

He was poised on the balls of his feet, leaning forward; he stayed

that way, his head nodding very slowly up and down, for a full second.

Then he shouted and lifted an arm and we followed him, a screaming mob

heading down into hell.

The big guns were swiveled the other way and for a couple of seconds

we had no trouble. Our boys weren't playing with heaters too much;

instead, the dynamite started to fly. Light the fuse, pick it up,

heave--and then stand back and watch. Fireworks. Excitement. Well, it

was what they wanted, wasn't it?

There was an explosion as a small bundle landed inside the fence, in a

courtyard. Then another one, the flashes lighting up faces and bodies

in motion. I found myself screaming with the rest of them.

Then the big one went off.

One of the dynamite bundles had hit the right spot. Ammunition went

off with a dull boom that shook the ground, and the light was too

bright to look into. I went flat and so did the others; I wondered

about solid shells exploding and going wild, but there weren't any.

The light faded, and then it began to grow again.

I put my head up and saw flames. Then I got up and saw the others

rising, too. I turned tail for the jungle. Some of them followed me,

along with some of the first group; order was lost entirely and we

were no more than pieces of a shrieking, delirious, victorious mob. I

headed back for the base.

Behind me the ammunition depot burned brightly. The raid was over.

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