By the time we landed, the Captain was through and I was running over

the main points in my head, for a last-minute check.

Wohlen, settled in the eighty-fifth year of the Explosion, had

established a Parliamentary form of government, set up generally along

the usual model: bicameral, elective and pretty slow. Trade relations

with Earth and with the six other inhabited planets had been set up as

rapidly as possible, and Wohlen had become a full member of the Comity

within thirty years.

Matters had then rolled along with comparative smoothness for some

time. But some sort of explosion was inevitable--it always

happens--and, very recently, that nice Parliamentary government had

blown up in everybody's face.

The setup seemed to be reminiscent of something, but it was a little

while before I got it: the ancient South American states, in the

pre-Space days, before the United Cabinets managed to unify Earth once

and for all. There'd been an election on Wohlen and the loser hadn't

bowed gracefully out of the picture to set up a Loyal Opposition.

Instead, he'd gone back on his hind legs, accused the winner of all

sorts of horrible things--some of which, for all I knew, might even be

true--and had declared Wohlen's independence of the Comity. Which

meant, in effect, independence from all forms of interplanetary law.

Of course, he had no right to make a proclamation of any sort. But

he'd made it, and he was going to get the right to enforce it. That

was how William F. Sergeant's army was formed; Sergeant, still making

proclamations, gathered a good-sized group of men and marched on the

capital, New Didymus. The established government countered with and

army of its own, and for eight months, neither side could gain a

really decisive advantage.

Then the Government forces, rallying after a minor defeat near a place

known as Andrew's Farm, defeated an attacking force, captured Sergeant

and two of his top generals, and just kept going from there. The

treaty was signed within eight days.

Unfortunately, some of Sergeant's supporters had been hunters and


Ordinarily, a guerrilla movement, if it doesn't grind to a halt of

its own accord, can be stopped within a few weeks. Where a world is

mostly cities, small towns, and so forth, and only a little jungle,

the bands can be bottled up and destroyed. And most guerrillas aren't

very experienced in their work; a small band of men lost in the woods

can't do much damage.

But a small group of woodsmen, on a planet that consists mostly of

jungle, is another matter. Those men knew the ground, were capable of

living off the country with a minimum of effort, and knew just where

to strike to tie up roads and transportation, halt essential on-planet

services and, in general, raise merry hell with a planet's economy.

So the Wohlen government called Earth and the United Cabinets started

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