and even Huey stopped looking at me with suspicion. In the meantime,

I'd been living with the guerrillas, eating and sleeping with them,

but I hadn't been exactly trusted. There'd been a picked group of men

set to watch over me at all times, and I managed to get a little

friendly with them, but not very. In case I turned out to be a louse,

nobody wanted to have to shed tears over my unmarked grave.

Until the men arrived, there weren't any raids; Hollerith, very

sensibly, wanted to wait for my reinforcements, and he carried most of

the group with him. Huey was all for killing me and getting on with

normal operations; I don't think he had any real faith in me even

after the reinforcements began to arrive.

I'd made the call on my radio, in Hollerith's hearing. I'd asked for

one hundred and fifty men--a force just a bit larger than the entire

band Hollerith had commanded until then--three hundred heaters with

ammunition and supplies to match, a couple of large guns throwing

explosive shells, and some dynamite. I added the dynamite because it

sounded like the sort of thing guerrillas ought to have, and Hollerith

didn't seem to mind. On his instructions, I gave them a safe route to

come by, assuming they started near New Didymus; actually, of course,

some of my corps brothers were recruiting on other parts of the planet

and the Government had been fully instructed not to hold any of them

up. I won't say that President Santa Claus understood what I was

doing, but he trusted me. He had faith--which was handy.

Hollerith was overjoyed when the reinforcements did arrive. "Now we

can really begin to work," he told me. "Now we can begin to fight

back in a big way. No more of this sneaking around, doing fiddling

little jobs--"

He wanted to start at once. I nearly laughed in his face; it was now

established that I didn't have to get rid of the man. If he'd decided

to delay on the big attack ... but he hadn't.

So, of course, I helped him draw up some plans. Good ones, too; the

best I could come up with.

The very best.

* * * * *

"The trouble," Hollerith told me sadly, a day or so later, "is going to

be convincing the others. They want to do something dramatic--blowing up

the planet, most likely."

I said I didn't think they planned to go that far, and, anyhow, I had

an idea that might help. "You want to take the Army armaments depot

near New Didymus," I said. "That would serve as a good show of

strength, and weaken any reprisals while we get ready to move again."

"Of course," he said.

"Then think of all the fireworks you'll get," I said. "Bombs going

off, heaters exploding, stacks of arms all going off at once--the

Fourth of July, the Fourteenth, and Guy Fawkes Day, all at once, with

a small touch of Armageddon for flavor. Not to mention the Chinese New



"Sell it that way," I said. "The drama. The great picture. The

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